Suffering Christian prompts Atheist’s Search

1 Dec 2021

Finding Real Hope

Katrin,* a young atheist Berliner, met a woman who believed in God despite suffering severe loss. It was obvious to Katrin that this suffering woman had real hope.

“Maybe there is a God?” Katrin thought, “and if God comforted this woman, maybe he could help me too?”

So Katrin went online, searching for God. She did not first attend a church service or reach out to a trusted Christian friend. Instead she googled. She found an online Introduction to Christianity class offered by a local church in Berlin. Through the class, Katrin moved past her atheism to considering God’s existence, to sensing that God was calling her, to grasping her need for a Savior, understanding that Jesus died on the cross for her, and finally to embracing Jesus Christ as her Lord and Savior. Hallelujah! (*name changed)


Prayer Requests

Opportunities in December 

  • The Berlin Team is launching a new Ads beginning the second week of Dec.
  • In Cologne Multipliers will be posting their short-version Testimonies and a Christmas memory on their personal Social Media. 
  • Multiplier Trainings are taking place this month. Pray for a solid Foundation for the disciple-making-movement to grow on.
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