Empowering Disciple-Making Movements through Prayer

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Answered Prayers

Exponential Discipleship

Lost about praying for the lost?

Making disciples in Germany is an overwhelming task…humanly impossible.

But armed with up-to-date information and a team of devoted prayer warriors, your prayers can be laser focussed to clear paths for exponential discipleship movements.

   Join Jesus in    Transforming Germany


Be informed about specific disciple-making needs and biblical prayer


Be encouraged by reports of your answered prayers


Battle for the hearts of Germans with your prayer warrior team

We value our Prayer Warriors

Our goal is to encourage you through regular Spirit-led prayer meetings, inspiring stories, and updates about strategic needs.

You are a crucial partner in advancing the gospel.

Our Scalable Disciple-Making Strategy

It's said that at least 2% of any culture is seeking spiritual answers to their emptiness. For Germany, that's 1.5 million people.

These seekers start their spiritual search online. So that’s where we fish.

The Media to Movements strategy uses online tools to connect spiritual seekers with offline disciple-makers, or "multipliers."

The goal is to share the gospel and make disciples who can then train up disciples themselves.

This leads to exponential growth.

What you can do

Step 1

Join the Prayer Team

The virtual prayer team meets regularly to pray for the urgent needs of our disciple-makers and the Media to Movements core team.

Step 2

Experience Answered Prayers

We keep you up to date with inspiring stories of how God is transforming lives and answering your prayers.

Step 3

Be Part of the Disciple-Making Movement

Millions of Germans become followers of Jesus through exponential movements of God.

The Abundant Harvest is Waiting for Workers

In Luke 10:2 Jesus makes it clear:

The problem is not the lack of seekers. The problem is a lack of workers, i.e., disciple-makers.

So how do we find more disciple-makers?

    • Go door to door? Nope.
    • Preach better sermons? Nope.

Jesus tells his disciples to “pray earnestly.”

Join us as we ask the Lord of the Harvest to send more disciple-makers into his harvest in Germany.

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Our Strategic Prayer Approach


The amount of Germans seeking online for spiritual answers is abundant, so our goal is to have you part of a regional prayer team.

But we are just at the beginning. Our core team is setting up everything online for the fishing, while locally we are training Christians to be disciple makers for the offline contact with the seekers.

So, our prayer teams will first focus on the needs across Germany.


Not Typical Missionary Work


Many Christans are skeptical about using online tools like FaceBook ads, to reach the lost. They consider it manipulative and not worthy of the gospel.

We however are not trying to trick people into buying something they don't need. Our goal with Media to Movements is simply to start a conversation with online seekers. Then we quickly connect them with a disciple maker offline in their region.


Europe is Ready for M2M


After 10 years as a missionary in Bulgaria, Chris … had tried many approaches to find the 2% of the culture supposedly searching for answers, but had zero conversions...for 10 YEARS!

In the first month of trying Media to Movements, he connected with more seekers than he had in the previous 10 years combined.

And these results have been repeated in various countries.

When Jesus came, Rome had a reliable network of roads for intercity travel. This not only allowed for Christians from different towns to easily connect, but also for the Gospel message to spread like wildfire.

Virtual networks are how messages spread today. And Europeans are more willing to respond to a text message than a stranger on the street.

So, we are one of the first to try this in Germany.


Prayer Warriors Prepared for the Front


It is not enough for us to send you a monthly newsletter with prayer requests. That is sending you into battle with old intel and no cover or backup.

When you join a prayer team not only do you meet regularly, but you get the latest prayer needs in the online chat. The more informed you are, the more specific and powerful your prayers will be.

You will pray in the strength of a team and rejoice in God’s victories together.