Lena Finds Hope

13 Oct 2021

Lena* was deeply depressed after experiencing the emptiness of her New Age lifestyle. Her spirituality offered no real hope, no lasting fulfillment, no way out of her depression. She needed to be rescued, and she knew it.

Lena looked for God online. She found a testimony of a Christian who was saved out of the New Age movement. Then another one. Then many more. She began to hope again, realizing that she was not alone in her struggle. Lena heard how Jesus changed people’s lives and gave them hope. She heard the gospel message and put her faith in Christ that very day.

All of this happened online, but it didn’t end there. Lena was eventually connected to a Christian community offline and is now following Jesus and experiencing his peace in her daily life.

*Name changed


Prayer Requests

  • Ask God to call up more German workers for the harvest. Right now we specifically need responders, translators, and multipliers.
  • Pray for multiplier trainings in November. Ask that a solid foundation will be laid that can be built on.
  • God has been bringing the core team together. Pray for God’s wisdom and direction as the pieces come together to launch ads all over Germany.